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'Twilight' star Billy Burke to release a music album this summer

Anyone who's watched the facial expressions and subtle tone shifts offered by Billy Burke in any of his films, but especially the Twilight series as the lovable Charlie Swan, knows that the guy is just extraordinary.

So, to hear that he's making a very serious step into the world of music is surprising . . . and quite exciting!

Yesterday, Burke announced on his Twitter page that he is planning to release an album sometime this summer, and if he can get somewhere in the range of a million followers on his page, he'd be willing to give away "a few hundred thousand singles" and "shak[e] up the labels and suits."

Burke, who's been in the film industry for around twenty years, assured his fans that this was not going to be the typical actor-turned-mediocre-musician situation.

Said he, "I promise it won't be what's expected. I realize the bad taste it can leave in your mouth when an actor decides to take a musical ego trip.."

Burke is in the process, it seems, of preparing a website for interested fans to sign up at and keep tabs on details regarding his summer record release.

Source http://www.examiner.com/x-4908-Twilight-Examiner~y2010m4d9-Twilight-star-Billy-Burke-to-release-a-music-album-this-summer
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